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Tess-celestial is an exhibit for large-scale immersive displays featuring my tessellations created by Radmila Sazdanovic as part of the Immersive Scholar project.

Sazdanovic, Radmila, Vandegrift, Micah, Wust, Markus, Hallman, Shelby, Hayes, Erica, Lang, Jasmine, Gurley, Walt, Waller, Mira, Davidson, Bret. "Tess-Celestial." (July 2018). Visualizing Digital Scholarship in Libraries and Learning Spaces (a.k.a Immersive Scholar) Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant.

Video: Exploring math through art

Radki's knots collaboration with Victor Stipsic using knots generated by LinKnot and Rob Scharein's amazing software KnotPlot

Tess-celestial was at  Liquid State  December 2019-January 2020.

WMWM exhibit, Dana Hall Art Gallery, Wellsley MA from December 3, 2019 to January 8, 2020

A Look Back at State of the Sciences 2018

Coffee and Viz



My Art

  • Burrison Gallery exhibit Fisheye View of Mathematics bridges math and art
  • Old Portfolio

Poetry, Math and Visual Art

The good, the Useful and the Pretty

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